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  • Beacons of Light Les and Hope Jackson have both served on the Board Norris photo
  • Ben Cleary  purchases gifts from PJ Baker Norris photo
  • Bill and Leigh Ann Miller shared the story of historic landmark Kirnan. Norris photo
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  • Daihara Munoz Gonzalez's gulls, boats Norris photo
  • Daihara Munoz Gonzalez's owls and elephants Norris photo
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  • Duck race, Anticipation Harris photo
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  • Duck race, They're Off Harris photo
  • Fauntleroy, Wilson family members came to salute new board member Rosemary Wilson Miller photo
  • greeters Margaret Withers, Garda Bartlett, Kathleen Quick Miller photo
  • Holliday girls couldn't be here so sent beautiful flowers Norris photo
  • Kirnan #1 Miller photo
  • Kirnan #2 Miller photo
  • Leigh Ann Miller and Walter Norris discuss history, Miller photo
  • money from Duck Derby 1st prize will go to Africa where LaRochelles fight famine and ebola
  • Muddy Boots music thrilled Kinsale Day crowd on 9.22.18, Ken Beauchamp, Larry McKenney, Nancy Moss, Doug Norris, Mike Baughan, Norris photo
  • new and reappointed Board members to serve through 2022 are Ann Lewis, Rosemary Wilson Vanessa Hummel, Vikki Ravinskas, Jimmy Moss, Norris photo
  • OJ and Phyllis Hickox Miller photo
  • READY to rock and roll, but not picked… Harris photo
  • rebeca swanson wears one of her paparazzi necklaces Norris photo
  • Robbie and Tom Flynn, Betty Lou and Johnny King Miller photo
  • Rosenna 'Mizz Sparkle' Brown-Lee enjoys sharing Paparazzi jewelry, Norris photo
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  • Speaker Leigh Ann Miller and Board Chair Lois Spencer, Miller photo
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Kinsale has successfully impersonated Santa, again….

by Lynn Norris, Kinsale Museum director

Christmas is for Caring and Sharing, as the Cople Problemsolvers’ Parade signs proclaimed during a lovely celebration at Christmas in Kinsale on Saturday, Dec. 2.  And you are truly TRULY the angels of the season, dear souls!

Wasn’t the weather perfect?  We shared the day with events in Montross, Heathsville, Warsaw and elsewhere, but I bet they didn’t have HALF the fun we did in Kinsale!

Certainly, Ann Lewis’s crab cakes and the oysters every-which-way were delicious (kind donation Bevans Oyster; great steaming Ebenezer Men; perfect patting and frying courtesy the Sydnors and CDVFD; mmmmmm good on Chuck Robinson’s stew!)

We were so sorry that Rev. Paul Jones was unable to attend as hospitalized and we hope he will soon be better!  OJ Hickox prayed in his stead for our very special day’s power to unify our community and our nation, as the beautiful memorial tree lit up… commemorating angels with ties to Kinsale who have died since last year. See list later in this letter.

Terrifically heart-warming music throughout the day was presented by the 11:21 Club and Sharon Mann.  And while Ricky “Yes, There IS a Ghost in the MUSIC” Wilkins was singing in the Gazebo, we could surely tell the spirits of the departed were there to soar with him through ‘O Holy Night!’

Mr. Brown the Horse gallantly carried dozens and dozens of enthralled riders in his carriage, rising above his nervousness at the firetrucks moving about.  And his horse whisperers (the Kuhns, the Witherses, Patricia Neff, and Vicky Shaw) and coachpersons (Hundley Carriages’ Robert and Erin Hundley and Almeda Hundley McKenney) were very good at their tasks, too!


Your heavenly confections containing the most marvelous ingredients, plus 19 pounds of unutterably magnificent fudge, kept the crowd as sweet as any Sugar Plum Fairy could ever have hoped! The Cookie Ladies arranged them splendidly and we did NOT run out!!!  Our bakers (including CERTAIN artists who concocted 20-plus dozen each) may never recover, but the rest of us surely did savor the moment.

My math has never been perfect, but calculations seem to indicate that more than 425 dozen cookies, bars, and cunningly decorated gingerbread cookies in the shapes of stars, crabs, dogs, people, etc. were involved.  Cranberries, peppermint, pumpkin, orange, lemon, chocolate, coconut, butterscotch, coconut and MUCH MUCH MORE.

It takes a lot to get my husband to rave, but he has been doing that very thing ever since the day.  And so have the people at Farnham Manor to whom we took a varied selection.


Dearest Santa (not long out of a hospital bed himself) and elves Kathleen and Dawn welcomed a steady flow of darling wee sprites at The Gray Barn.  Thanks to Sharon Beninghove for accommodating the Jolly Old Elf in her shop!

Definitely, there were more kids than usual: 33 boys and 41 girls signed up for the Fire Department’s bicycle giveaway and made Christmas cards which were MUCH appreciated by the senior citizens who received them at Farnham Manor.

Bike winners were Kara Padgett, Eli Stewart, Laila Mackey and Brayden Butler, son of JB and Karen.  Brayden’s brother Mason, born very prematurely, will be coming home from the hospital in a couple of months and that will be the best Christmas gift of all.

Four-score listeners greatly enjoyed Aimee Dillon’s vivid storytelling and Cople Problemsolvers Kids Zone was packed.  The parade featured many marching youngsters, amply bedaubed and bedizened with face paint and other Christmas tattoos.

I personally have never SEEN so many utterly charming infants under the age of 7 months in one place at one time.  And surely it is some kind of record that William and Connie Hutt had FOUR grandchildren present: age 3, 2, 1 and 9 weeks.  Of course, daughter Annie and son Drew have two each… it is not one mother having all four!


Thanks so much for your generous donations of auction items.  (Joyce Michael and Tom Bell brought the most numerous and varied selection, and the Dickmans’ four framed pictures by Jane Wooster Scott excited great interest!)  A grateful salute to EVERYONE for your warm-hearted bidding ($2,600 at present with 11 as yet unbid-uponst).

The ones with no bids are still in the Museum, and I will also be putting out the vintage ornaments again.

Almeda McKenney’s Gazebo Gingerbread House was BEYOND architecturally perfect.  She went to SO MUCH TROUBLE to construct this exquisite creation: all the way to the crossbeams supporting the roof and a horsedrawn carriage to accompany the scene!

Also, a very special hats-off to Donna Lloyd-Jones’s lengthily-infused brandied apricot fruitcake.

Auction mentors Gail and John Sigler and Bruce Miller and Rita Katzman were such a help!


Shiver me timbers!  Todd Ransone’s toychest made from the wood of the departed Chriscraft Chickadee is the snazziest ever, I think.  Yes, those are childproof hinges.  We sold all the tickets we had on hand Saturday, but have now snagged 50 more back from the firemen to have on sale at the Museum during the upcoming weeks before we draw the winner on Saturday, Dec. 23.

SENIOR GIFTS:  You really have outdone yourselves.  We have sent up heaps of your gifts to Social Services: towels, warm blankets, pretty jewelry, candy, knickknacks, gloves, hats, scarves, mufflers, caps, toiletries, etc.  And some is going to Ebenezer’s foodbank too.


Decorations prizes were awarded as follows by the very impressed judges who checked out much of the nearby countryside.

Grand Prize: 89 Yeocomico Lane, Bob & Barb Cole.  They received two NY Strip Steak dinners at Angelo’s and after winning first place for many if not all of the past 12 years have now unselfishly removed themselves and their regal reindeer, etc. from future judging.  “Our goal was to encourage others to decorate and they are now doing so nobly,” the couple noted.

Best Contribution to Kinsale’s Christmas Spirit: Buzz Taylor’s Christmas Tree on the point of land across from the Bridge is SUCH a sight to see every time you drive or walk across the creek.  He will get to pick his favorite book from the Museum gift shop.

Traditional:  William & Connie Hutt of 75 Brook Rd. won a map of the Northern Neck by Ann Sader.  Drew & Maria Hutt (first house on the right on Shingle Hill Road) took home a $25 gift certificate from Callao Supermarket.  Garda Bartlett and Kathleen & Mike Quick received the first of four Citgo gift cards from Frederick Northup Oil Co./ Kinsale Handy Store

Creative décor:  Sue & Danny Dungan of 86 Pier Place received a $50 gift certificate from the Kinsale Museum gift shop, donated by anonymous friends of Kinsale.  I understand there is quite a LOT of detail that went into THAT one!  Rudy & Jan Pekarek of Yeocomico Lane (sleigh and oyster tree by Firehouse) received one of the last available maps by Emily Whaley of Westmoreland County.  Donald & Lynn King (2nd house on the left, Yeocomico Lane) 2nd Citgo card from Handy Store.

Sparkle:  Shirley Harper & Chuck Robinson, 1253 Bancton Rd.  will enjoy 2 pounds of spiced shrimp from the Sichols of Jack Rabbit Express.  Tommy & Joyce Moss of Yeocomico Lane. 3rd Citgo card from Handy Store.  Scottie Moss & Debbie Beach of Kinsale Rd.  4th Citgo card from Handy Store.

Honorable mention:  Helen & Tim Hinson of 105 Yeocomico Lane were runners-up in the Traditional category.  Anne & Charlie Speeckaert of 35 Yeocomico Lane and Leroy & Katherine Smith of Great House Rd. were commended for their Creativity.  And Steve Walker & Paul Ventura of Cat Nap Lane and Tommy & Kathy Lewis of Bank St. are definitely boosting our town’s Sparkle.

11 21 club Rbt headley, Adam Wilkins, Cindy Newman Washburn, David Parr Artist at work Autumn-Rain Beacham IMG_3748 Bountiful Blessings sweet scented soap Coles' reindeer img Crafters Faith King and Joy are 2 of 3 triplets Debbie Massie admires rudy pekarek bird house Drew Hutt and little Ryleigh, age 1 yr Everly Birdsall age 2 months gingerbread carriage by Almeda McKenney gingerbread gazebo made by Almeda McKenney Harper Siddons and Evan Bourne savor cookies Henry, dressed for the occasion Isabelle Taylor with the Christmas tree LAM inside Gray Barn LAM Leigh Ann Miller, Patsy Albert with tree Leigh Ann Miller and Santa Leigh Ann Miller in reindeer garb with wreath Leigh Ann Miller photo crowd admires NN Sunset booth Leigh Ann Miller photo crystal  icicles in Gray Barn Leigh Ann Miller photo kids with cookies Leigh Ann Miller photo kids xmas basket dolls, ginger, stories Leigh Ann Miller photo Museum interior with rocking horse Leigh Ann Miller photo Patsy Albert with Pekareks oyster tree Leigh Ann Miller photo victorian cookie jar auction item Lynn Norris announces girl bike winners, Les Jackson photo Maisley Thompson age 6 months Mr. Brown 1 wonders who is next Mr. Brown 2 IMG_3725 Mr. Brown 3 IMG_3726 Mr. Brown 4 IMG_3741 Mr. Brown 5 best shot Leigh Ann Miller Owen Roberts age 8 weeks Pam Baker loves making baby booties parade group Problemsolvers Christmas is for caring and sharing Past bike winner Jack Hering draws boys names,  Les Jackson photo Santa and Miz wf Sebrens and Stewarts,bike winner  Eli holding Bear Bear Santa Joe Howell accepts check fr Bruce Miller, Left and Jim Moss Santa on firetruck img 3753 Sharon Mann toybox by Todd Ransone and horse jquery lightbox frameby v6.1

  • HICKOX GARDEN can you find the singer of the song at the base of the iris
  • HICKOX GARDEN.  Kathy Brooks photo.  Afloat in a water lily’s essence
  • HICKOX GARDEN.  yearning for love, the frogs sang their hearts out among the waterlilies
  • HICKOX GARDEN. monsoon transformed proud peonies to ballerinas taking a curtain call call
  • LEWIS GARDEN, peacock with blue bottle tail plays chicken with hen in creeping jenny
  • LEWIS GARDEN.  Ann Lewis at your service
  • LEWIS GARDEN.  Tin man has a heart of gold
  • LEWIS GARDEN.  Tommy Lewis shared this Chevrolet hubcap to nestle  among violas
  • LEWIS GARDEN. elegant firetruck bedecked with flowers
  • LEWIS GARDEN. Linda Lewis specializes in quirky garden art
  • LEWIS GARDEN. Lynn King painted the garden-welcome sign
  • LEWIS GARDEN. Salvia draws the eye to kicky whirligig of serving spoons
  • MARY YOUNG'S Kathy Brooks photo fields and garden enhance each other's beauty IMG_5811
  • MARY YOUNG'S Kathy Brooks photo of one perfect rose
  • MARY YOUNG'S Kathy Brooks photo peaceful pathway
  • MARY YOUNG'S Kathy Brooks photo perpetuates peony's charms
  • MARY YOUNG'S Kathy Brooks photo welcome aboard to the rose garden
  • REBER GARDEN offers subtle contrasts
  • REBER GARDEN shy variegated nasturtiums barely escaped unnibbled
  • REBER GARDEN. Allee of maples leads the eye from deck to dock
  • WAUGHTEL GARDEN charming small girl fountain takes time to enjoy sweet-scented David Austin roses
  • WAUGHTEL GARDEN climbing hydrangea, martin house
  • WAUGHTEL GARDEN Shade plants beneath magnolia grandiflora
  • WAUGHTEL GARDEN.  Japanese garden green panda bamboo
  • css image gallery
  • WAUGHTEL GARDEN. sit down and rest for awhile
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The 83 angels on this year’s tree in alphabetical order are:

General Jack Albert; Dorothy Ball; John P. Beale; Wesley Berry; Virginia Bibbens; Seth Biemiller; Marilyn Scott Booker; Dennis Brooks; Otis Brown; Carrington Campbell; *Garfield (Eddie Carter’s cat); Beverly Bailey Chinnis; Virginia Harris Clapp; David Yarbro Cooke; Melinge Jackson Coryell; Robert W. Crown; Joseph Shawn Daly; Dolores Marie Sanford Day; Gene Dee Donovan; Luther Robbins Douglas; Pat Dull; *Max (The Dungans’ dog); Theresa Bushey Duprey; Pinckney Eve; Virginia Fauntleroy; George Clemon Freeman; Mary Ellen Harris Greenhill; Dr. Lloyd T. Griffith; Mary Virginia Minor Gillions; Donald Hackett; Garland Hackett; John Harrington

And Robert A. Harris III; Alzerine Swann Headley; *Bailey (The Headleys’ dog); James Joseph Heston; Barbara Howard; Lewis Jones; Tina Paul Jones; Anne Kellum; Johnny Kelly; Marjorie Keranen; William John Kevit; Helen A. King; Herbert King; Troy Lee; Wallace Lemons; Rosa Walker English Lewis; Thomas Collins Mahan; Marie Marsden; Robert H. Marston; Dr. William M. McCarty; Earl Grafton Miller; William Francis Minor; Virginia Mae Mozingo; Barbara Coates Owens; Patricia Pinkard Parr; Robert W. Phillips; Andy Polk; Dick Reber; Mary Ann Rice; Hester Sydnor Sanford.

And Mildred Marks Sanford; Rachel Schrote; Donald R. Shinn; Jones Smith; Carol Smith; Carter Smith; *Asia (The Speeckaerts’ dog); *Mosey (the Taylors’ dog); Mary K. Thomas; Thomas Edison Thrift; Randall Thompson; Coach Billy Walker; Patricia Pate Warmbier; Buck Williams; Mary Williams; Mike Wilson; Esther Winebarger; Ruth Davis Winston; and David “Penguin” Wright.

HORSE SPONSORS:  These kind folks helped fund the horse and carriage: Betty Bailey, Shirley Bevans, John & Joni Lawler, Mary-Ball Massey, John & Lynn Morris, Bob Sexton, Mary Lou Stevenson, Marie Stone, Ann Bush Puyana, Tom Rice, Betty van Fossen, and Steve Walker & Paul Ventura.


Lights were donated in memory of the departed and in honor (denoted by an asterisk) of living family and friends.

Betty Bailey: Frank Bailey Sr., Frank Bailey Jr., John Beale, Virginia Harris, Robert Harris III, Rosa Walker English Lewis and Robbins Douglas.  *Emily Smith, *Martha Welch, *Helen Hinson.

Hope Barnes: Dorothy M. Ball. *Carol Smith.

Garda Bartlett and Kathleen & Michael Quick: Thomas Morgan Bartlett, Harry Lee Arnest Jr., George Peter, “Coach” Jim Stroup, “Nita” Schroder Billings, “Walt” Usher, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schram, LeRoy Roever, Fred J. Ramsey III, Bill Gray, Oral Glenn Snyder, Mildred May Snyder, Glen Robert Cartwright, Donna Lee Cartwright, Walter Monroe Cartwright, Hazel Lillian Bartlett, Alfred Nelson Quick, Maude Mueller Quick, Marvin Nelson Quick, Shannon Marie Quick, Tootie Bug Quick, “Bill” Taylor, “Jim” Wakefield, “Jim” Franklin, Frances Lee Zellweger, Floyd M. Yoder, Ruth Bartlett Yoder, Wanda Lee Oats, Roy Billings, Rita Chinn, Mary Fauntleroy, John Quick, Charlene Nitczinski, Virginia “Gin” Harris, Elizabeth Coleman, Helen King, Mosey Taylor, “Bob” Harris III, Andy Polk

Kenny Beauchamp: Roland L. King, Lorraine W. King, Julian W. Reynolds Sr., Rita C. Reynolds.

Linda Fauntleroy Coleman:  Sherman Fauntleroy, Hampton Fauntleroy.

Carolyn, James & Aurelio Conley: Calvin S. Lee, Mary Lee Fulcher, Carolyn M. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lee.

Cindy Daiger: Geraldine Headley Evans.  *W. Carroll Evans

Berthelle Denton:  Stephen J. Denton.  *Jennifer Simms.

Rob & Barb Dickman:  Men and women who have given their lives serving our country.

Mary Dobbs:  Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Turner, Michael Dobbs, Miss Fannie Weymouth, Dr. S.E. Weymouth.   *Les Dobbs, *Mr. and Mrs. Chip Petty, *Will and Charlie Petty

Kay Minor Duprey:  David Cooke, Robert Crown, Theresa Duprey, Robbins Douglas, Mary Gillions, Francis Minor.

Carroll Evans:  Geraldine Evans

Fairview Farms:  John Beale, Seth Biemiller, Robbins Douglas, Dr. Lloyd Griffith, Mary Gillions, James Heston, Francis Minor, Theresa Duprey.

Robert Harris IV: Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Harris III

Helen Hinson:  Annaliese Anthony. *Westmoreland County Rescue Squad

William & Connie Hutt & family:  IN MEMORY OF:  HAYES: Betty Mae Moss, Earl D. Jr., Trish, Cornelia Clark, Earl D. Sr., Corp. Harry G.    MOSS:  Harry Sr., Annie Evans, Susan Moss Tayloe.    LeRoy and Gloria Clarke.    HUTT:  Edwin “Veolo” Sr., Ann Lynch, “Edwin” Veolo Hutt Jr.    George Daiger.  *IN HONOR OF:  Tommy & Joyce Moss and Jimmy & Terry Moss and Shirley Hatch Harper.

John and Joni Lawler: Bob and Gin Harris, Rachael Schrote. *Lynn Norris, *Bill and Candy Carden.

Linda & Clay Lewis:  Carolyn Lewis Martin, Thomas O. Lewis, Betty B. Lewis, Paul Lewis, Jack Garner. *Ann Lewis, *Linda Sullivan.

Rob & Karen Marston: Robert H. Marston

Debbie Messick: Pam Messick. *George English, *Earline English, *Marie Stone, *Loren LaPorte, *Kara Messick.

Byrd & Mary Sue Newton: Lewis W. English, Sue G. English, Lewis C. Douglas, Dot Douglas, George Douglas, Inez D. Belden, Lillian H. Newton, William H. Courtney. *Doris C. Courtney, *Brady Newton, *Edward Laux, *Mary Witt Laux.

Lynn Norris:  Generous citizens of our community.  Henry deShields Fisher. Joyce Michael and Tom Bell.  The Dickmans. Santa and elves. Sharon and James Beninghove. Cople Problem Solvers. Aimee Dillon. Kinsale Foundation Board members. Cople District VFD.  Auction mentors, donors, and bidders. Horse whisperers and coach persons.  Cookie Committee.  Cookie bakers and fudgemakers.  Decorating angels.  Musicians Robert Headley, Adam Wilkins, Cindy Newman Washburn, David Parr, Sharon and David Mann, Ricky Wilkins. Vendors. Todd Ransone. Christmas mama Ann Lewis. Bevans Oyster. Vault Field. Ebenezer Men. WRAR.  Westmoreland News. Northern Neck News.

Virginia Harris Peale: Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Harris III

Ann Bush Puyana: Helen Bush, Bill Bush.

Tom Rice:  Judy P. Norris, John Holly Norris.

Bobby & Stephanie Sanford: J.G. Ross Shackelford, Aunt Lee Sanford, Mildred Marks Sanford, Opal Moran Dyke.

SILCO: David “Penguin” Wright and other family and friends.

Jackie & Stephanie Smith:  HAYES:  Trish, Betty Mae, Earl D. Sr., Earl D. Jr., Cornelia Clarke.  MOSS: Harry C. & Annie Evans. Dorothy Redfearn.

Dottie Stiff:  Lacy Stiff, Kathryn Sadler Sydnor, Henry Curtis, Todd Cregger. *The Tony Stiff family

Mary Lou Stevenson: Family and friends

Marie Stone: Billy “D”, Irene Dameron, Ruth Stone. *Earline English.

Billy & John Sydnor:  Hester Sydnor Sanford, Bob Phillips

Rosemary Wilson: Mary E. Fauntleroy, Wade H. Fauntleroy

Betty van Fossen:  Tina Jones, Douglas Connellee van Fossen.  *Lydia Miller & *Kramer, *Peggy Sanford.

Steve Walker & Paul Ventura:  Edwina Walker, Thaddeus Walker and Al Ventura.

Al & Margaret Withers: Ed Thomas, Mary Thomas.

Ray & Noel Yancey: Family and friends


Income for Christmas in Kinsale 2017 as of Dec. 5 when I did this tally was $9,663.96, up $1,000 from the 2016 celebration.  NOTE: But more is coming in, not shown in the figures below… so the bottom line charity donations to Westmoreland Social Services, The Haven Shelter, and the Food Bank at Ebenezer are already going to be above $2,500.  Sorry I don’t have the strength to recalculate right this minute.

1.                 $2,433.96 was generated by cookie sales and donations in lieu of baking.

2.                 $780 was donated specifically to pay $700 for the horse and carriage from Hundleys Carriages

3.                 $1,530 has come in so far in lights and unspecified gifts

4.                 $760 for 304 toybox tickets sold thus far

5.                 $60 in hand from vendors at this very moment

6.                 $2,600 has so far been bid on items in the silent auction.  Almost all has been paid.  11 items remain unsold.  Of this $2,600, $380 came from the cakes and Almeda McKenney’s superb gingerbread representation of the Gazebo.

7.                 $1,500 food proceeds from the firemen


Expenses PRIOR to charity distributions were $1,922.41.

1.                $699 lot clean-up and Christmas tree

2.                $441.41 total for postage ($294) and printer ink ($147.41)

3.                Santa Claus $82

4.                $700 Hundley Carriages

If we were only looking at the INITIAL net of $7,741.55 above, it would be a GREAT amount to give to charity.  HOWEVER…

There is HOPEFULLY even MORE income to come in!

1.                196  toybox tickets.  I have now got 50 at the Museum.  Others are CURRENTLY in the firemen’s hands, in Kinsale Foundation Board members’ possession, and at The Health Nut and Mosaic Consignments in Callao. If all 196 are sold, it would be $490 more!

2.                11 as yet unsold auction items (You can bid on these in the Museum until Dec. 23 or maybe I will move them over to the Ice Cream Parlor)  There are some very NICE ONES!!!

3.                Vendors fees (these are in transit to me).



KINSALE DAY 2017 by Lynn E. Norris, Kinsale Museum Director

At the 40th anniversary celebration of Kinsale Day on Sept. 16, 2017, it was especially great to have a nice crop of youngsters at the event to whom we will hand the torch in coming years!

Lily Carr donned a charming duck hat to emphasize her family’s love for Kinsale

Malcolm Lee Lees Affordable Tree ServiceEnergetic Malcolm Lee of Lee’s Affordable Tree Service was on hand to let old friends and new know that he is back in this area, eager to serve.  His four daughters (Tristen, Tiona, Trinity and Tinaya) and son Malcolm Jr. prepared lemonade for visitors.  They very kindly donated all their proceeds, as well as their start-up change: a total of $78.  Those who savored the ‘ade put their names in a box to be drawn for $400 in free tree work, which Kathie Morris was delighted to receive.

The always young-at-heart Masons donated all the proceeds from their pancake breakfast.

Ken Beauchamp not only skillfully coaxed great sound fromKen Beauchamp his guitar and sang the blues, his sound system contrived to render the day’s speeches downright clear in the back of the crowd!

In short, Kinsale Day was all about sharing as folks gathered from as far off as Germany for this very special town meeting.

Lily Carr dimples in her duck hatWe breathed a sigh of humble and unutterable gratitude that the hurricanes not only avoided Kinsale, they also miraculously spared most folks with Kinsale connections residing in Texas and Florida from whom we have heard.  This was addressed in the Rev. Ellen White’s invocation thanking Heaven for safety, peace and joy, and invoking kindness and good will among all.  “Help us be a blessing to others,” added Rev. Bob Gochenour of Carmel and Coles Point UMC, blessing the food.

If only one could read one’s own handwriting, we would know who described the event asBetty Bailey served free ice cream “cinematically down-home, cosmopolitan, and emblematic of the charms of a quiet life.”

On display were Tommy Douglas’s daddy’s first two Aristocrats – the earliest Cople High School annuals, as well as various photos and pamphlets, vintage 19th-century clothing, an ice cream table and chairs, a stunning heirloom Carl Herbert boat model given by the Burton family, and more.

I FORGOT to put on the program that people should stand up and share their Kinsale and Kinsale Day memories.  If you have a special memory to share, PLEASE get in touch at the Museum on Fridays and Saturdays or by email.  So sorry about this omission!

A look back in time

Edna Douglas & Walter Norris photo by Bryan DavenportWhat WAS shared were the vivid and humorous recollections of surviving founding Kinsale Foundation board members Edna Sanford Douglas and Walter Norris Jr. (Departed founders were Harry Lee Arnest III, Frank Bailey Jr., and Earl Carter Moss.)

Among those in the audience this year who were present at the first meeting 40 years ago in July 1977 on the little strip of land beside the Post Office were: Shirley Bevans, Jackie Whittaker (and family), Robbie Bailey Flynn, Alice Moore and Betty Arnest, Dougie Norris, Betty Lou and Johnny King, theJoni Lawler and Leigh Ann Miller Bailey family, and this writer.  Were there others?  Probably the Lewis family… Tommy thinks they were?  So many have gone, but we figure they’ve got their eye on us from the Great Beyond!

On Sept. 12, 1977, Frank Bailey Jr. purchased for $2,500 what became known as the Town Green from William G. and Vivian M. Keenan (who had bought it from Charles and Alice Unruh in 1971, hoping to build on it, but the lot was too small).  Frank sold it to the Foundation on Dec. 12, 1977.Kathy Vaupel Ellen White Pooches

The Park where the Gazebo is today was acquired for $10,000 from Robert A. and Virginia Harris on Dec. 26, 1978.  In the course of time, it was cleared and landscaped with memorial trees.  Who remembers picking up the piano several times from the Masonic Lodge and putting it in the back of a pick-up truck for Betty Parks Rountrey to play for our meetings?

Both those pieces of land had formerly been held by Jane Settle, who inherited it upon the death of her husband Paul Settle (who operated the Ice Cream Parlor when it was first built in 1922).  Paul was one of the heirs of his first cousin Henry Cromwell Hardwick, who owned the old Hardwick Hotel which once sat on the Green.

Joni Lawler Thanks Donors For HelpWhat is today the Museum was donated by Harry Lee Arnest’s widow Alice Moore after his death in 1988.   Bill Carden of Potomac Supply underwrote the renovation with materials (windows, floor and panelling), labor (wiring) and expert advice.  “If not for them, we wouldn’t have anything,” Edna added. 

Others (see plaques in Museum) also made substantial contributions toward the effort, bothMike Albert, Charley Albert, Stephanie Blattner monetary and construction-wise. Also donations of old photos, reminiscences (Harvey Bailey and Norris Parks), art, antique furniture, and other touching memorabilia.

Star QuiltOn June 18, 2001, the Cardens also funded half the purchase from Alice Moore of the Old Ice Cream Parlor in memory of Frank Bailey Jr.; Edna Douglas assisted with a note.  This now forms a valuable extension for exhibits and community activities, as well as extremely valuable storage space in the attic.

That was also the year the Gazebo came into being and became a central gathering point in honor and memory of the founders… right after 9-1-1.

In 2005, Kinsale was designated as a state historic landmark and was added to the National Registry.

Your gifts

Your generosity throughout FY 2016-17 not only enabled the Foundation to meet its expenses, including the reprinting of Reminiscences of Kinsale, but also, in separate accounts, your gifts were channeled to community events like the Independence Day fireworks and help for less fortunate neighbors during the Christmas season.

Per the report from Treasurer Les Jackson, pre-depreciation expenses in 2016-17 were $30,118.62, with net income $4,295.24.  After non-cash depreciation of $6,976.81 was deducted, net ordinary income shows as $2,501.57 below the line.

The good news is that depreciation on the little cooking/storage building, our computer and the old sign from the past has ended as of 2016-17.  Depreciation on the Ice Cream Parlor ($1,214 in 2016-17), the Museum ($3,125 in 2016-17) and the Gazebo ($2,057.08 in 2016-17) will continue during FY 2017-18, but that will be the last year of Gazebo depreciation.

Stephanie Blattner and Patsy AlbertAs of July 31, 2017, the bank account balance was $76,779.82, with at least $3,000 in checks outstanding.  (This compares to $69,800.72 at the end of fiscal 2015-16; $67,419 at the end of fiscal 2014-15,  $65,974 at the end of 2013-14 and $62,757 at the end of 2012-13.)


In separate motions from O.J. Hickox and Betty Lou King respectively, with seconds from Alice Moore and Ray Daly, Board members Robert Bailey and Lois Spencer were unanimously reappointed by Foundation members present to serve another four-year term each, through 2021.

Nine vendors’ striking and vivid offerings set an elegant tone for the day.  THANK you for being there with us and inspiring others’ artistic inclinations, folks! 

A race to the finish

This year’s duck derby will net an astounding $5,006 because money and gifts for the prizes were donated andDuck Derby Race 995 were raced, 4 not adopted $600 of the prize money paid out is being re-donated.

Prize sponsors included Bayshore Design (Buck Pace), the Sandy Point Homeowners Association, the Terhunes of Frederick Northup Oil Co., and various anonymous friends of Kinsale.  We would like to note that, before they plunged into the creek, the 995 ducks you adopted were exceptionally well-mixed by the Mosses and Parkses: the eight winners’ numbers ranged from #59 to #948.

Noah Anderson-Weiskircher gave back 1st prize moneyNoah Anderson-Weiskircher’s mama Caroline Anderson put his name on a Super Pack of 50 ducks, which performed outstandingly.  The $500 1st prize went to Noah’s duck #437, while duck #458, another of Noah’s giant flock, came in 2nd, winning $250.  Noah is generously donating back the 1st prize.  The 3rd-prize winners John and Joni Lawler are also giving back the $100 won by their duck #59.

The five runners-up were to be awarded four Citgo gas cards from FrederickWalter Norris draws $400 winners name Lee's Affordable Tree Service Northup’s Kinsale Handy Store or a Museum gift shop credit.  Duck #199 came in 4th; Les and Mary Dobbs gave back the gift shop credit as a donation. 5th place: #829 Betsy Chesler.  6th place, #879 from Malcolm Lee’s Super Pack.  7th place, #817 Matthew Bailey.  8th place,  #948 Al Withers .

Amazing auction nets $8,000

The auction brought in a staggering $8,000.  Whoeeee, bub!  Bids on 96Looking at the auction kindly given and generously bid-upon items peaked at $315 for Todd Ransome’s stunning table, $350 each for the star quilt and for the NN Historical Society Magazines, $375 for a fishing trip with Captain Scottie Moss, and $420 for a two-night stay in a New York apartment.  We have one nice framed picture left which would turn a windowless room into a bower.  This writer was deeply humbled by folks’ demonstration of support in paying $844 for 17 apricot amaretto pound cakes from the kitchen at Plainview.  I will gladly share my adaptation of Anne Bayne Battaile’s recipe.

     A heartfelt welcome

    New members since Kinsale Day 2016:  Underwater explorer Mike Kleinsmith; Frank & Donna Booth; Tommy & Gloria Douglas; Liz Rev. Ellen White and BaxterCorley; Teresa Tidwell Tate; Jim & Cynthia Rannels; John & Joann Byrd; Craig & Vicky Johnson; Cynthia & Dale Lexow; James & Jennifer Fagan; Frank English; Jack & Missy Sanford; Bonnie [Garner] Pierce & Mike Tracey; Gloria & Gregory Johnson; Jim & Kyle Hard (bought Chet & Jan Williamson’s, Sandy Point).

New babies since Kinsale Day 2016:  Anthony James Battle (grandson of Hope & Les Jackson). Dylan James Fuentes (grandson of Kandy & Tom Barham). Ryleigh Ann Elizabeth Hutt (granddaughter of William & Connie Hutt, daughter of Drew & Maria Hutt).  Casey Erin Kevit (granddaughter of Dru & Bill Kevit). Owen Flynn Makem (grandson of Robbie & Tom Flynn). Summerville “Summie” Brushwood Sebren, (son of Kisa & Bill Sebren of Kinsale).  Simon Albert Bangser (grandson of Joni & John Lawler). Cheyanne King (great-granddaughter of Betty Lou & Johnny King, daughter of Jonathan King & Tiffany Stanley). Winston  Fitzgerald Schuler of Geneva, Switzerland (grandson of Jan & Hal Schuler); James Alexander Moss lll  (great-grandson of Shirley Harper, grandson of Jimmy and Terry Moss).



KINSALE: THE MIDDLE YEARS REPRINTED.  Ed White’s book really brings our town’s history into focus.  This second edition (we have 20 copies for sale and one in the library) contains a few clarifications of Ed’s original 2007 offering.  Thanks to Design Printing for donating the cover paper and printing, to Ed for printing the black-and-white innards and maps, and to Joni Lawler for printing the color maps.  My husband Walter bound the book, so it is really a community effort.  This marches hand in hand with Ed’s book Lands and Lesser Gentry of Eastern Westmoreland County which has so much about the first two centuries of our neighborhood. Also, the Historic Sites Guidebook done by Preservation Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula which, you guessed it, Ed also spearheaded.

Michael StengerNautical niceties:  We were honored to have a visit on Saturday, May 28, from Michael Stenger, whose family’s first American immigrant ancestor was Andre Sigourney, from whom also was descended Midshipman James Butler Sigourney, the War of 1812 hero and Kinsale defender who is buried in the Great House Cemetery.  Michael Stenger’s mother is a Sigourney.  A dean at ITT Technical Institute in Norfolk, Michael is a historian, genealogist and bibliophile who greatly enjoyed his visit with Betty Bailey on Saturday afternoon.  He not only joined the Kinsale Foundation and promised to return, he won your Museum Director’s heart by choosing three books from the bookstore with references to his illustrious cousin.  He is pictured with a cap from the USS Sigourney in front of a painting of the Great House and a print depicting the battle in defense of Kinsale on July 14, 1813 that claimed James Butler Sigourney’s life.

Walter Matthew "Matt" JeffriesAnother illustrious late former resident’s emissary: A friend of Walter Matthew “Matt” Jefferies (1921-2003) visited the Museum and also the old Jeffries House [sic] on Wednesday, May 26.  She was excited to learn we have a copy of Norris Parks’s history of the Jeffries family, who were among the first settlers of our town.  The information that follows was adapted from Wikipedia.  Matt Jefferies was an aviation and mechanical artist, set designer and writer, best known for his work on the Star Trek TV series, where he designed the original Starship Enterprise.  He and his younger brother John, who worked with him as his chief draftsman, lived at what is still known locally as The Jeffries House in Kinsale (parts of this date to 1750) during their youth while their father served as chief engineer at a power plant.  Matt served in Europe during WWII on B-17, B-24 and B-25 bombers.  His 1935 Waco, now owned by the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society, can be seen at the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond.  Besides creating interiors and exterior of Star Fleet's USS Enterprise 1701A, he designed props (including phasers), sets, the Klingon logo and the D-7 battle cruiser.  His sketches were used as the springboard for later Star Ships as well.  However, when Matt Jefferies saw Star Trek: The Motion Picture he fell asleep. He never watched subsequent incarnations of Star Trek, remarking that they had turned his Navy-esque bridge into "the lobby of the Hilton."  Within the Star Trek universe, Jefferies tubes and Captain Jefferies are named in his honor. According to Matt Jefferies’s memoirs, the Enterprise was Starfleet's 17th starship design and it was the first in the series, therefore the ship bore the number "1701A".  In June 2003, Jefferies was the guest of honor at the presentation of a documentary about him prepared for the special edition of the Star Trek Generations DVD. Jefferies died the following month in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure.  His art designs were also employed in such far-flung realms as The Old Man and the Sea (1958), Mission Impossible (1966), Little House on the Prairie (1954), and Dallas (1978).  

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